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3 Major Benefits to Third-Party Technology Solutions

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The average business is becoming more technologically dependent, and these entities find themselves seeking a cost-effective solution.  AVATAR Computing in Worcester, MA, has been providing services, security and expertise to government and commercial entities for over twelve years, and firmly believe there is no technology problem they can’t solve.  The question remains, what is the better fit – hiring an internal IT team, or acquiring third-party technology solutions?  The answer is dependent on what type of business you are involved with, and this excerpt will break down a few of these factors and how they may relate to you.


“A global manufacturer of durable goods (electronics) invested in used hardware and related maintenance services for 1,600 devices to be used in 119 offices across 25 countries. The hardware and maintenance cost savings came to a combined total of more than $4 million.” – Gartner

Why choose third-party maintenance?

Insight from the outside

When you bring a third-party technology company into your business, you are hiring a team of consultants in a sense.  What I mean by this is you now have a varying viewpoint, from an entirely unbiased and professional source.  The same way external providers make service calls quick and easy, they can help guide and direct projects.  Whether it be their ability to take an alternate view on complex engagements, or capacity to critique your online presence (I.e. social media campaign, email marketing) they provide a much-needed opinion.



Proficiency is defined as “a high degree of competence or skill; expertise”, and this is exactly how technology providers should view themselves.  When you bring in third party support, this expertise is now just a call away.  When you consider the amount of talent you are now teaming up with, you must also consider the fact that you are spending no time or money training these individuals.  All education and certificates would already have been provided, and now you get the resources you need – when you need them.  Another component to consider is their ability to provide equipment they own on site, and you can now access this instead of purchasing what you need.  Typically, IT departments provide flexible contract options, and customizable plans that include the ability to monitor constantly, while providing preventative maintenance.

Expansion / Scalability 

If you are at the point where this decision is being made, you are experiencing growth in your business.  What hiring a third-party IT provider does is allows you to access the entire technology team they have hired, opposed to the small team you could hire.  Depending on the size of your company you may have anything between one to ten technology experts in your building, whereas a company focusing on technology may have hundreds of experts.  If a problem arises that is rather difficult to figure out, odds are the larger group of skilled individuals will solve it.


While the service providers handle any problems that may arise, it gives your business the ability to focus on your priorities.  This reduces risk, while simultaneously increasing productivity.  Third party IT services take a proactive approach instead of a reactive approach.  They tend to find problems before they become pain points, opposed to simply reacting – which in turn minimizes costly downtime.  If your business is focusing on scaling to be larger, a third-party solution is probably your best bet.

Benefits to third party maintenance