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4 Great Ways to Drive Website Traffic Using Social Media

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The debate is getting heated – can social media marketing continue to create sales opportunities for entrepreneurs?  Known for extreme return on investment and customer loyalty, the answer is simply yes.  Your website paired with social presence does not only act as a sales portal or a hub of information, it is often the leading generator of awareness and recognition with your clients. With the following tips your social campaigns will drive more attention and views, and will require little starting costs.  After all, it is important to know what matters is the effort you put forth, not the capital. 

“No amount of paid media is going to turn bad creative into good content.”  

-Gary Vaynerchuck

1)  Create Great Content

I am here to tell you that content is the key.  The ability to create and distribute original content is difficult for the largest of companies, but is the clear best route for gaining awareness.  Creating great content leads to organic content and even more important – maximizing the ability search engines have to find your site.  Media that is paid for is satisfying for short term results, while high quality content can provide online attention for years.  The best way to guarantee an ROI, is to invest with your companies creative content, rather than your capital.

2)  Video (Great = Viral)

I recently read the biggest mistake an online marketer can make is to seem robotic.  So what is the best way to build a “humane” relationship with your customers? Let them hear you talk, see your products and even see you in action.  It was once enough to occasionally post pictures of services you offer and life in the office, but not anymore.  This does not mean you need to hire a new team member to convert clicks into customers, as a plethora of DIY programs exist today (Adobe is my personal favorite).  Effectively targeting your audience with video can be as easy as downloading a video editor software, and will ultimately build traction for your site.

“Communicating with video is a key component to creating high-performing social media marketing content and entrepreneurs are leading the adoption curve.”

-Brad Jefferson

3)  Create Great Partnerships

Have you ever heard the story about the “millionaire mentor” and his ability to generate thousands of dollars with a single social post?  I’m sure you have, and I am also sure there are hundreds of success stories about media moguls with similar attributes.  So I decided to research and find a common trend to explain how these individuals could achieve such a high level of internet prowess.  The result – along with organic content, these marketers formed great partnerships.  That is the mutual agreement that if you share my posts and products, then I will share yours.  This can be a barrier for some entrepreneurs, whether yours be trust issues or competitive nature but you must think of the up-side.  To naturally gain thousands, even millions of followers, accessing another influencer’s network can provide endless customers.

4)  Decide What You Are Great At

The best way to create this great content we speak of is to figure out what you and your company excel at.  The most value you can offer to a potential client or reader is present when you are providing information that is hard to come by.  Basically, do some research and find what people are talking about (and what they are not), and find your point of attack – find your niche!  Pick the demographic that is most likely to give you a click and put forth effort into targeting those specific searches.  Whether your company is the best at some new technical advancement, or you are a great motivational leader, use this to create that content.  Identify personal weaknesses, and form those partnerships to gain help in those areas.


The quest to having a consistently great online presence is not an easy one, but is a rewarding one.  Start by defining clear goals on weekly posts and the amount of followers you seek – then make it a priority to achieve them.  Remember, quantity is always trumped by quality, so great content is of the most importance.  Even the most successful entrepreneurs and social influencers can’t do it alone, so build relationships.  Find your specialties, and offer your expertise to other companies with less capabilities.  The newest and most interactive way to engage with potential customers is video content, and the emerging success of going viral.  What better time to increase your online earning potential than right now?  I can only hope these tips excel you to all your company’s goals.

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