Data Back-Up and Protection: Fighting Malware, Ransomware and More

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Data Back-Up & Protection:

Fighting Malware, Ransomware and More

By: Shane Hartigan

In a world of ever-growing technology, one of the most important things to consider when setting up a network (either at home or for a business) is data protection. AVATAR, located in Worcester, is always proactive with problems like ransomware on the rise, making sure your data is secure can be critical. System back-ups are often overlooked as an added expense opposed to a preventative measure to stop an entire business from coming to a standstill. With system back-ups, all of your data is duplicated and stored on multiple devices to prevent data loss and can also help restore unintentional mistakes. Malware such as ransomware may infect an entire network, encrypt all of your data and demand a ransom. This is a crippling blow for a network, blocking everyone from accessing anything. Unfortunately, paying the ransom usually leads nowhere and your data is unrecoverable.

Here at AVATAR Computing we take back-ups very seriously. This is one of the biggest tools we have to protect our customers from critical events that could take down an entire business. There two main traditions to back up data include an online backup to a cloud storage, or a local backup with a couple external hard drives.  This provides redundancy for all of your data, no matter what the situation is. Our recommendation would be the second option, the local back-up to include at least two back-up drives, which are rotated each week. From there, the alternate drive is taken offsite to another location to also protect it from any physical dangers such fire damage, water damage, and even theft. We have setup back-ups for multiple customers, one of which we make a site visit each week to swap out their backup drives. This is something than can be easily forgotten, but we’ve got it covered.

Ransomware and malware are the just a small portion of things that could go wrong. Regular mechanical hard drives are known to fail over time from just being on constantly. The average hard drive spins at an average of 7200 revolutions per minute, and if left on all twenty-four hours of the day it can wear down the life of said drives. With a back-up, we would just need to replace the hard drive and restore the image from the back-up. This could take a couple hours, compared thousands of dollars and countless hours on potential data recovery to retrieve data off of a dying hard drive.

The small investment towards a backup can dramatically cut the cost of potential down time due to any issue that may occur. Dishing out a few hundred instead of a few thousands can definitely be seen as worth it. The average unplanned down time for a larger business (Such as Amazon) can be equivalent to almost $70,000 dollars per minute according to Forbes magazine. Together, we can make sure the foundation of your business is solid by ensuring that this can never happen to you. A back-up a day keeps the IT guys away.